How to plan your ceremony

July 26, 2022

How to plan your ceremony

At the Vale, we understand how important it is to personalise your ceremony and our online planner means that you can do just that.

We’ll email you your unique username and password once you’ve given notice of marriage. This will enable you to log into our ceremony planner portal and take control. You can choose which words you’ll use in the ceremony, decide on readings and poems and tell us which of you will be walking down the aisle and who will be waiting in excited anticipation. You can also tell us who your witnesses will be and make sure we know that you’d rather we shortened your name when we can be a bit less formal.

We’ve covered off all of the legal aspects so the rest is up to you!      

Ceremony planner home page

This is what you’ll see when you first log in:

After choosing ‘My Ceremony’, you’ll see the default ceremony. If you don’t want anything to change, just leave it at that, safe in the knowledge that our default ceremonies are beautiful and personal – you might even find that it’s just what you would have chosen.

If you want to change something, click on the Edit button opposite the description then click ‘Edit Selections’

Followed by the no entry icon.

You can then click on the arrow to see the various options.

And preview each one

You can view the ceremony at any time by clicking ‘View order of ceremony’, make any  changes, view them, keep them or change them again.



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