Thinking about a more sustainable wedding

March 11, 2024

Thinking about a more sustainable wedding

We realise that this isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when planning your wedding but taking carbon emissions into consideration on key elements of your day could make a big difference to the environmental impact of your event. It might even make it a bit more special and a bit more fun!

1.   Travel. Well of course this is the big one. We love a destination wedding in the Vale and travelling to one of our lovely venues, rather than flying overseas, can make a big contribution. You’ll still have your guests all together and with so many outdoor ceremony options, you’re really spoilt for choice. Why not set up a car-pool system to allow guests to travel together?

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2.   Clothes. Another big contributor to your wedding’s carbon footprint is what you and your guests will wear. There are lots of opportunities to hire occasion wear or buy second hand. If you’re set on buying new, think about investing in clothes that you can wear to other events, if a white dress is on your list, something elegant that can be dyed and worn again can allow you to revive some lovely memories at your next event. Garments made from a single material are also worth considering as they are much easier to recycle than garments made from mixed fabrics.

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3.  Food. If you’re opting for a catered reception, ask about where ingredients are sourced – the more local the better! Ask what happens to any leftover food, can it be boxed up for guests to take home?

4.  Flowers and decorations. Chat with your florist about sustainability, they’ll have plenty of ideas to inspire you. Find out if they use compostable materials in their arrangements and whether they can supply table decorations that can double-up as wedding favours. For other room decorations, find a company that will decorate the room with items you hire from them. Petal confetti is another way to add a natural and beautiful aspect to your day.

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5.  Presents. If you choose a traditional wedding gift list, think carefully about what goes on it. Can you ask for more environmentally friendly options? Can you request that wrapping is kept to a minimum and sourced sustainably or at least recyclable?

If you don’t feel that you need anymore ‘stuff’, you could consider charitable donations or looking into carbon offsetting, or even a contribution to your next big environmental investment such as solar panels or a heat pump.

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March 11, 2024

Thinking about a more sustainable wedding

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