Marriage or Civil Partnership – what’s the difference?‍

November 29, 2023

Marriage or Civil Partnership – what’s the difference?

We’ve noticed an increased interest in civil partnerships recently so here’s a quick guide to the difference between a civil partnership and a marriage and what they have in common:

For both marriage and civil partnership, the following apply:

·        Legal notice must be given to the register office where you live. You will need to prove your identity, age, nationality, and home address at this appointment.

·        Ceremonies and/or signing can only take place at register offices, licenced premises and religious buildings.

·        The same statutory fees are payable for register office marriages and civil partnerships, and, in the Vale of Glamorgan, the same fees apply for registrar(s)          attending licenced premises.

·        Marriage Allowance or Marriage Couple’s Allowance may apply for income tax purposes.      

·        Gifts to each other are free of Capital Gains Tax.

·        Unused Inheritance Tax Allowance can be transferred to the surviving partner.


Rules relating to State Pension and Survivor benefits may also differ depending on age and sex. For details click here. (*note - this document was published prior to the minimum age for marriage and civil partnership changing from 16 to 18).



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Marriage or Civil Partnership – what’s the difference?‍

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