Outdoor ceremonies - a quick guide

April 13, 2022

Outdoor ceremonies

We’re incredibly lucky in the Vale to have so many venues with stunning outdoor spaces for your wedding or civil partnership ceremony. If you think an outdoor ceremony might be for you, have a browse through our venues. Every venue with outdoor space also has indoor space because, let’s face it, we can’t plan the weather!

There are a few aspects to an outdoor ceremony that are worth bearing in mind:

·        Checkout the ground conditions; whether it’s lawn, paved or a forest floor, what’s underfoot will probably influence the type of shoes you’ll choose.    

·        Give your guests the heads-up in case they’d like to take the opportunity to buy anew coat, shrug, cloak or fabulous faux fur stole to complement their outfit.

·        Be prepared to be flexible; ask your venue where you’ll be if the ceremony takes place inside, we know our venues and we’re sure you’ll find their alternative spaces just as lovely.

Still not sure? Some of our venues have beautiful outdoor structures where you’ll have a roof overhead without being indoors; the Garden/Courtyard filter on the venue spage will help narrow your search. And there’s still nothing stopping you from choosing to hold your ceremony in a good old-fashioned building.

Whatever you decide, you’ll find your perfect venue for your Vale ceremony.  



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