Where do I start?

March 17, 2022

1.   Location, location, location. Have a browse through our list of venues, click through to the ones that interest you, create a shortlist and take it from there.

2.   Pick a date. It’s best to keep a few options open if you can, in case your chosen venue is busy.

3.   Book your registrar. Get in touch and we’ll put you in the diary. This year, next year or the one after that? No problem, we’ll get you booked in.

4.   Consider when you’ll need to give notice to your local registrars. It’ll need to be sometime between 29 days and a year before the big day. Give them a ring for advice if you’re not sure. You can find them here:

5.   How big will your celebration be? Think about how many guests you’d like to invite and who will be on the list.

6.   Choose a theme. This doesn’t have to be anything too specific but just thinking about colours or whether you’re going traditional or want a modern twist, will help you with other decisions.

7.   What will you wear? There are no rules here, just find something you feel great in.

8.   Give a thought to the gifts. There are lots of ways that your guests can wish you well, you might want a traditional gift list or something more tailored to you as a couple.

9.   Was music your first love? Supportively subtle or bold and banging, we’ve all got our own ideas where music is concerned. Your choice of music can help set the tone for your day.

10.  Food. It might be last on this list, but it will be high in your priorities. Well chosen food will have your guests toasting your great taste.



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